WestCoast Challenge: Our Living God is Good

AlanAuAlan Au, Surrey Chinese Baptist Church

Two tubes came out of my head and remnant blood was sucked into a pressurized container. My hospital stay was merely 7 days.

On December 29 I fell from a 8’ high scaffold while converting church lights. I was admitted to Emergency, other than an aspirated pneumonia, nothing was found broken. After a good course of antibiotics, I was discharged after 9 days.

I was booked to see a brain surgeon to follow up on an old tumour in my brain found by a CT scan. He sent me to take an MRI scan and found my brain was full of blood. He booked me in for surgery on February 14 to drain the blood to avoid a potential coma situation. All was done by February. 19. On April 8, I was cleared to drive and fly.

I praise God for His amazing protection and revelation.

  • He shielded me from breaking any body part from the fall
  • My concern of an old tumour led me to do follow up and found that I had internal bleeding that could cause a coma if I got on a plane for our vacation scheduled for March
  • He let me know that my time from now on is not unlimited, I must choose things of eternal value
  • I must learn to rest in Him.

Thank you Lord.