WestCoast Challenge: Financial Update

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WestCoast Baptist Association's More Than A Legacy Giving Campaign
Henry Kwok
WestCoast Baptist Association Treasurer


A big thank you to all the churches and partners for your prayers and financial support to the ministries of WBA!

As of July YTD, WBA general fund has a -$3,217 deficit. A major donor has reduced its financial support substantially this year and with other factors, we are forecasting a deficit of -$6,200 at the end of 2015. We will need to pray for God's supply for our financial needs.

More Than A Legacy Update

The More Than A Legacy III campaign has generated $21,277 as of July 31. This represents 11% of our $200,000 goal.

  • This is a giving campaign that helps build a financial foundation for the WBA so that it may operate in the long term to ease the constant stress of financial shortages. As well, it helps supplement the operating expense for the next 3 years.
  • Legacy refers to our collective desire to establish our work in such a way that the future of our God-given assignment is secured long after we are gone.
  • WBA hopes to raise $200,000, of which 50% will be endowed in order to generate a return so that the WBA can use the interests without touching the principal. The remaining 50% will be used in equal amounts over 3 years to supplement the shortfall of the operating budget. That’s why this is really more than a Legacy fund.
  • Your church giving to the WBA Cooperative Program helps the WBA 100%. This MTL invites individuals who are grateful for God’s blessings and wish to give more to help build a sustainable future for the ministries of the
    WBA. These individuals believe in what the WBA is doing and wish it will continue on for many years.
  • You may choose to give regularly, or one time, small amounts or larger amounts, online or by cheque. Starting now, all donations designated to MTL will be counted toward this new campaign covering 2015-2017. More information will be sent out to all our churches through various media. Please pray with us for God’s provision.

To Give: Please write a cheque to WBA, designate it to MTL, or visit www.vancouvergiving.ca to give online. God loves a cheerful giver … regardless if the amount is big or small.

Thank you.