WBAShare: Extra LifeWay’s “Bible Studies for Life” Materials


Surrey Chinese Baptist Church has surplus new LifeWay Bible Studies for Life materials available to share with WBA Churches, including:

  • 19 x minior prophets
  • 12 x Adult Fall 2013
  • 18 x Adult Summer 2014
  • 11 x Adult Spring 2014
  • 13 x Adult Winter 2013-2014
  • 4 x Young adult Summer 2014
  • 7 x Young adult Fall 2014
  • 5 x Young adult Spring 2015
  • 3 x Student spring 2014
  • 4 x Student Fall 2013
  • 5 x Student Summer 2014
  • 6 x Student Winter 2013-2014

If your church is interested, please contact Anita Wong at anitaycwong@yahoo.ca for more specific information.

WBAShare is a feature at www.westcoastbaptist.ca for WBA Churches to share resources with one another. If you have extra resources you would like to share with other churches, please contact us with details.

Please note that WBAShare is not designed for the advertisement of your church's events. The WestCoast Baptist Association also reserves the right to select which resources to pass along to the rest of the churches.
WBAShare Info

Submitted by:
Surrey Chinese Baptist Church

Submitted on:
February 13, 2016

February 27, 2016

Anita Wong