We are celebrating the activity of God this week as South Asian Community Church celebrates another baptism as the church continues to grow weekly.  We are praying as partners join the church for the Vaisakhi Parade outreach in Surrey and Vancouver.  Pray that there will be many gospel conversations and new relationships launched during this community celebration.

We are praying for several of our churches in deep need of restoration and renewal after facing difficult and overwhelming spiritual assaults over the past few months and are struggling to overcome.  Pray specifically for the leadership of each church to experience spiritual renewal and receive the guidance of the Spirit for the days ahead.

With the growth of Burnaby Born Again in Central Burnaby over the past few weeks there is a need to find a new meeting place for the growing fellowship of over 40 adults plus children.  Pray for the guidance of the Spirit as they seek the location as well as for the favour of our Lord to provide the resources and wisdom to discover this new location.

Pray this week on April 9th as a small group of the wives of our leaders gather to prayerfully consider the needs for our families and spouses and begin building a stronger system of support and care to undergird the families of leaders.  Ask for there to be clarity and openness in communication as well as wisdom from the Lord for the next steps we will be taking in this critical area.

Pray for the nine (9) current and potential leaders for our church planting efforts in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island as they participate in the assessment process of two potential planter couples next week, April 17-18.  Pray for transparency and clarity of communication and for insight and wisdom to clearly provide guidance from God to each participant that ministries can be encouraged and strengthened in the days ahead.

Pray for the team going to Kansas City from The Common Place to build stronger and new partnerships in the area in cooperation with Dr. Rodney Hammer.  Pray for the favour of the Lord on this team led by Conrad Au.

Begin praying for the 15+ students coming to our area for extended times this summer to serve and proclaim the gospel.  Pray for the spiritual preparation as well as the emotional preparation of each student and supervisor as they plan for the growth of the students as well as the extension of the Kingdom of God through the work of each student across Vancouver.

Pray this week for the over 40 leaders who will join together on April 22-25 at the Barnabas Retreat Center for a time of refreshment, rest and encouragement.  Pray specifically for the preparation of Jeff Christopherson, as his words will be used to challenge and encourage each individual present.

Pray this week as we begin working on several key partnerships that will provide potential summer interns, financial resources and support for new works in our area.  Pray specifically for the church plants seeking to take the next step in growth: Canvas, Zona Cero, Church on the Rock, Towers Baptist and Burnaby Born Again.  Each step to launch new sites and extend ministry will require extra resources and manpower to carry out the vision God has given.  We ask you to intercede this week for these congregations.  Pray for the confirmation of attendance of the next vision tour by many of our potential partners,