We are celebrating the activity of God this week as Origin and some of their partners clubs on campus have presented the completed the Alpha program having had an average attendance of over 100 students weekly.  Now we begin to pray for the continued relationships and gospel conversations that will happen as follow-up occurs. Pray for the salvation of each participant,

We are celebrating the activity of God this week through the Vancouver Project which was sponsored by The Point Church.  We are thankful for the over 100 gospel conversations that occurred as they served and mapped the communities around the Loughheed City area and served in different outreaches throughout the week.  We pray now for the salvation of many through the intentional follow-up with each person by the Point Church members.

We are celebrating with Canvas Church for the over 100 campers that attended the basketball camp this week led by the team from FBC Starkville, MS.  We are praying with Canvas Church for the monthly service being held Sunday night in Oak Bay led by Pastor Mike Blackaby.  At each site we are praying for the salvation of the people engaged in these ministry outreach opportunities.

We are praying for the mission projects this week being conducted by Towers Baptist Church and their partner FBC Broken Arrow, OK.  We are praying for the camp each morning as well as the sharing of coffee at the skytrain stations.  We pray for the showing of the film, The Case for Christ, at the Richmond Cultural center.  We ask you to pray for multiple gospel conversations and for the room to be filled for the presentation of the film.  As we celebrate the beginning of the week with a baptismal service, we are praying we will see many come to Christ through the week and the follow-up on each relationship that is launched this week.

We are praying for the pastoral leaders from WBA who will be going to Cedar Springs this week for next installment of the Refocus process being led by our partners from Tarrant County Baptist Association.  We are praying the leaders will be refreshed and challenged to deeper more focused ministry in the days ahead.  We pray for an increased depth of friendship and community among our leaders through this process.

We are praying for the four planters who will launch the first cohort of our Send Network Planter training this week as we come together for a full day of training on Wednesday.

We are praying for physical health of Hamish Buntain, our Church Health Catalyst, to be restored and his voice made strong.  We ask that his heart be protected as he leads this association.

We are praying for the location for the worships service of The Cornerstone in White Rock as they continue to build their core group down in White Rock.

We are praying the spiritual and emotional health of our pastoral leaders as they face the distractions by the evil one and the disappointments of ministry. We pray as they continue to partner with the Father to plant new works and replant old congregations they will experience the renewed power of the Holy Spirit to restore hearts for ministry.  Pray the Father will establish strong teams that will support each leader from within the churches and plants they are leading.

We are praying we will build a strong and vibrant team of coaches that can support each planter within our Association with the insight and skill to help them become all the Father desires.  Pray for Matthew Bond as he champions this effort.  Pray the Father would give him wisdom, focus and strength to lead this effort.

We continue to pray for pastors, leaders and members of Royal Heights, Primera Bautista, Sarang Korean and South Asian Community as they adjust to the changing ownership of the property where they meet and the resulting sense of loss and control of that property.  Pray for the Father would empower, restore, unite and guide the building of a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.  Pray the Presence of God would guide each decision made.

Pray for those churches in need of pastors to be guided to the individuals called and prepared to lead each ministry in the future days.