We are praying with thanksgiving for the baptism planned for Sunday, February 25, as another follower of Christ is giving public testimony of their faith in Christ at Transformation Church in the Olympic Village.

We are thankful for the safe arrival this week of Jeff and Olivia Lowery as they join the team planting the Cornerstone at White Rock.   Pray for the first worship service Sunday, February 25, in White Rock as they introduce Jeff and Oliva.  Our thanks go to the Father for the persistent support and leadership by Morrison Heights Baptist Church as they plant this new church

This week we have launched our next cohort of Send Network Training for four church planters in Vancouver, Shaun Lynch, Austin Cooper, Rafael Araujo, and Mike Blackaby.  Pray these men will gain insight and skill to be better prepared for the journey as they are led in this cohort by Ashley Austin and Ray Woodard.

We are praying for the two Vancouver couples completing their assessment for endorsement for church planting back in the Lower Mainland.  Pray as they complete the final steps to be prepared for the retreat in Seattle during April.  Ask the Father to use this process to provide direction and affirmation of His calling on these families.

We are thankful for the partners at Lifeway Baptist Church from Washington who are meeting to determine their contribution to supporting for Burnaby Born Again.  We are praying for the partnership of SouthCrest Church from Lubbock with River Community as they visit this week as well as for the new possible partner they are bringing for this week to explore our city.  Ask the Father to show each partner with clarity His work in each site and the courage to adjust plans to participate in what is needed.

We are praying for the adjustments for all of the following churches this week: Royal Heights Baptist Church, Primera Eglesia, Sa Rang Baptist and South Asian Community Church.  They are all dealing with the sale of the building where many had spent years worshiping.  Pray for the adjustments everyone will make.  Pray for attitudes and actions that will bring glory to the God and restore the witness to the community.

As we are praying with thankfulness for those that participated in the family conference this week at the Canvas Church sites, remember to continue praying for both the immediate need for a location to meet beginning March 18th and a long term possible meeting site for continued growth and outreach in the Victoria area.

Pray for the health of our leaders during these days.  We had one leader undergo surgery for cancer, one child was taken by ambulance to the hospital for extreme allergic reaction, cases of the flu and common colds.  Each one taking energy, focus and loss time as they recover and engage. Ask your church to pray for services during the morning as snow has impacted transportation and accessibility. With these distractions, pray for unique doors to be opened and leadership couples to be encouraged and strengthen for the work ahead.