Join us in praying for Earl Grisaffe the Evangelism Catalyst in White Rock who along with his wife Meridith have been preparing the soil and sowing the gospel in preparation for launching a new church in that location.  His sister passed away early this week and he will be returning home for the memorial service at the end of the month.  Pray for the comfort of the Spirit of God will provide comfort and wisdom as he shares with his family.

Jordan Knorr is preparing to launch monthly interest services for True North in Penticton, BC over Easter Weekend while over the next six weeks he will be conducting two interest meetings led by their core group.  Pray for the favour of God on each of these meeting and a response to the Gospel which will result in transformed lives.

Ekklesia (Pastor Matthew Bond) will be holding a Bible conference in Sidney, BC in cooperation with partners from churches in the Caprock Association in Texas.  Pray for the power of the Word of God to be demonstrated in lives as it is proclaimed.

This Sunday afternoon, May 11th, the planning team for the Summer Youth Celebration will hold its first planning meeting.  Pray for team to be led in each step of the preparation by the Spirit of God through the Word of God.  Pray for the selection of the speakers and themes and the promotion of this opportunity to impact the youth of our churches in the region.  Pray this will be celebration of calling out the next generation onto His mission.

Pray for wisdom as Royal Heights will gather on Sunday morning to worship.  Pray for their recovery and revitalization during the days that are ahead.  Pray for the cooperation of leaders to guide all five congregations who are currently meeting on that site as they adjust their lives onto the agenda the Father has for the community around the church building and the members of the Church.

Suzanne Perry has been ministering as a chaplain to the international student community of the University of British Columbia.  Each semester is unique and brings new opportunities and challenges.  This semester she has been able to start a bible study in her home.  Join her in praying for these things she has shared last week: Pray that God will bring just the right people to my apartment tonight
* Pray that the Lord will lead us and guide every aspect of the conversation
* Pray that the Holy Spirit will open my eyes and ears and help me to see & hear what to do
* Pray that unbelievers will turn their hearts to Jesus and ultimately surrender to the Lord.

This week we are joining Ashley Austin the pastor of Canvas as he prays for his church family on Vancouver Island: “So many amazing things are going on at Canvas in Victoria! The church is alive and growing, God continues to build an amazing team, and we are excited about the amazing season of opportunities and ministry between now and August. Parenting & Women’s Conferences, Ski retreats, hiking adventures, basketball, soccer, tennis, and art camps, mission trips, church wide spiritual renewal retreats, prayer walks, family festivals, community groups, ministry in new parts of our city, hundreds of people walking through the N.T. together, etc. We are also less than five weeks out from not having a place to meet on Sundays. Some of the long-term plans are promising (2-3 years out) but in the short term we need a miracle. I have reached out to just about every possible venue and person I know in the city regarding a short-term meeting location. I know God has this. Asking for prayer for wisdom and faith as I lead our faith family into the March 18 Miracle. We need God to show up in a big way! It’s about time to declare a fast and call everyone to an intensive focus of seeking the Lord.

Pray for the pastor search committee working with Pastor Hamish Buntain for Westlynn Baptist Church as they seek a new senior pastor to guide them into the future.

Pray for the insight and opportunity to locate a site that will allow for a larger gathering place for worship for Burnaby Born Again (Pastor Rafael Araujo) as they launch worship in a church setting.  Pray also for the possible new collaboration between two of our churches to launch another Spanish speaking church in Burnaby.

Pray as we are researching and following up on new opportunities among the First Nations people in our city as well as launching a new work in North Burnaby to launch a new congregation.

Please pass these prayer requests on to your churches and prayer teams as we seek prayer for Vancouver and Vancouver Island.