Pray this morning the fruit of the Spirit and the power given by the coming of the Spirit to be witnesses will be evident in each of our 83 congregations and ministries across Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.  Pray for open ears and minds to hear and respond to the gospel presentations take place each day and specifically this Sunday morning.

As you pray each day this week reflect on these words and pray these words into the lives of each of our leaders:

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord, and turn away from evil.” 

Proverbs 3:5-7 ESV

We are praying for the family in communities across British Columbia that are directly impacted by the fires burning in several locations.  Pray also for those with respiratory problems being impacted by the smoke that has now settled over many regions across the southern portion of the province.

We are praying with thanksgiving for the new congregation being formed by Lin-An Vietnamese Baptist Church in Victoria.  Currently there are six families from the Island gathering for worship and fellowship once each month with Pastor Phillip Tran and the team. Some of these family members are also studying by Zoom with the regular Bible study group meeting in Vancouver each Friday.  Pray for the salvation of friends who are being engaged in both sites.

We are praying for the Bond Family this week. We are thankful for the successful back surgery of Joseph Bond.  He has been able to return home on Friday.  We are praying for his continual full recovery over the next 6-12 months.  As we continue to pray for the Bond family, we lift up Ethan this week as he leaves for university in the United States.  Pray for Mathew and Heather to experience the comfort and assurance of the Spirit of God as they walk through these days and for their boys to know the Father’s watch care and courage for the new opportunities ahead.

We are praying for closing sessions of the Canvas Family Retreat this weekend as the church has withdrawn for a time of fellowship and spiritual growth.  Pray for the unifying work of the Spirit and the joy of the Lord as they celebrate the baptism of 10.  We are praying specifically for the mother of April Austin who has been ministering alongside the Church during this busy camp season of the year.  She has fallen and broken her ankle and hip requiring surgery.  Pray for the ability for her to return to her home later this week for continued recovery.

We are praying thankfully for the ministry of Richmond Chinese Christian Gospel Church over the summer.  They were able to enjoy a family camp with over 130 participants in partnership with Southpark Baptist Church from Abilene, Texas.  They were able to see seven individuals baptized and the group enjoyed many social gatherings during the summer which saw the fellowship grow more united.  This fall will bring transitions as families move to different places in the Lower mainland.  Pray for the beginning of the fall as they prepare to build their ministry to the second generation and on the university campuses.

Pray for the ordination council meeting at the request of Zendeh Church to talk with their pastor Amin.  Pray for this to be a time of the affirmation by God for the calling and ministry of Amin through the lives of those participating.

We are praying for Annual gathering of WestCoast Churches and Church Plants for the long weekend Picnic on Monday afternoon.  We are praying for the joy and encouragement of God in the lives of each participant as we seek to build the unity of our association.

Thank God for His faithful provision for a mission team sent out by Westlynn Baptist Church to Grand Forks, BC. The 6-member team led a Day Camp for First Baptist Church. Despite high temperatures (37 – 40 degrees C) that required the activities to move indoors by mid-morning, the camp went smoothly. The gospel was shared many times during the week. At least half of the 15 children who participated did not know Jesus or have a church family. We pray that the seeds that were sown will germinate, grow, and bear fruit.

We are praying for Zona Cero as they continue to build their second site, Punto Norte Church.  There are currently about 15 meeting in this group.  Pray also for the Family camp/VBS planned for August 25-27 that has over 80 planning to attend with the baptism fo 4 planned during these days.  Pray for the witness of God in the lives gathered for a time of fellowship and growth.

We are praying for the team from Towers Baptist Church currently in Cambodia ministering in a orphanage and surrounding villages.  We asked that the Father see many come to Christ through the witness of each team member during these days.  We pray also for health and safe travel as they move about the country and return home later this week.

We are praying for the clear direction and guidance of the Spirit of God in the decisions being made by the members of Royal Heights Baptist Church next weekend in their members meeting.  We pray the congregation will trust in the Lord with all their heart and acknowledge Him in all their ways according to Proverbs 3.

We are praying for the final enlistment of young people to attend the Summer Youth Conference on the last week of August.  We are also praying this week for the spiritual and physical preparation of Tim Corbin and Ceasar Pera who will be teaching at the camp this year.  We pray each session will honor the Lord and draw individuals into the Kingdom of God.