Pray this morning for the pastors and leaders who will be guiding worship this morning in Churches across Vancouver and Vancouver Island.  Pray these words of Scripture would be a reality in their hearts and in their message today as they were about John the Baptist in the past…

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. 7He came as a witness, to bear witness about the light, that all might believe through him. He was not the light, but came to bear witness about the light.    John 1:6-8 (ESV)

 Join our family of churches in praying for the family of Bob Shelton during the season of grief in the loss of his mother this week.  Bob has been a leader in our national convention and a friend to many in Vancouver.

Pray for Jeff and Olivia as they visit our city this weekend to continue the process of determining timing and process to come and guide the church planting efforts of a new congregation in White Rock.

We are thankful for the greatly improved health of Maroofa Kamal (wife of the pastor of the South Asian Community Church) over the past few weeks and we ask for her complete healing.

We are deeply thankful for the support of the Blue River Kansas City Association and Hope Church in providing an excellent Planter Family Camp over the last of March which saw over 70 attend the camp and receive great encouragement.

We are praying for the health of Brittany Campbell, wife of the pastor of Potter’s House, in her pregnancy and continuing battle with liver disease.  We are deeply thankful for the experts involved in her care and for the care of the members of her church.

Pray for the 24 pastors from British Columbia and their wives who will spend the next two days at Barnabas Retreat Center in a time of refreshment and encouragement.  Pray specifically for the leadership of Hamish Buntain as he guides these days.  Pray for rest and encouragement as the individuals share meals and recreation together.

We are praying for the follow-up on an amazing number of gospel conversations held over the spring break through outreach efforts of several of our churches through the sports camps and specifically the Vancouver Project.  The Point recorded over 800 conversations. There were students and family involved in great camps conducted by Canvas Church and Towers Baptist Church during these days.  Each effort saw people respond to Jesus Christ.

Continue praying for the men of our churches as many joined together for the conference held at Westlyn church to encourage them to stand strong in today’s world.  Pray for Casey Cleland as he leads this effort.

Pray for the April 30th semi-annual meeting of the WestCoast Baptist Association of Churches as they gather for a meal together and to get reports of the activity of God among our churches.  Pray for the encouragement of the Spirit and the empowering of churches to share the gospel throughout our region.

Pray for the leaders of 12 churches plus 6 students who will be in our city next week to explore the ministry possibilities of where God is at work in our midst and accept the invitation to join us in reaching our region with the message of Christ.  Pray for open hearts to the call of God to partner in prayer, ministry and provision for the planters in our city.  Pray specifically for the clarification of calling in the lives of students who will be joining this group.

Pray for those who will be training the first weekend in May with the leaders of the International Mission Board and People Search to spiritual map our city as we seek out ways to engage the unreached people groups in our city.  Pray that this training will provide ongoing indigenous leaders who can continue the process and train others also in the days and years ahead.