As the over 120 pastoral leaders of our WBA churches in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island move into the week ahead pray these words of scripture would be a reality in their words, attitudes and actions:

Now as they observed the confidence of Peter and John and understood that they were uneducated and untrained men, they were amazed, and began to recognize them as having been with Jesus.

Acts 4:13 NASB

 We are thankful for the successful mission trip conducted by Josh and Lisa Arrington of Church on the Rock to the Chin State of Myanmar over the Christmas season.  Their travel was very hazardous but all arrive home safe with great results for the sake of the gospel as it was proclaimed and training of individuals was warmly received.

We are thankful for the healthy birth to Aaron and Samantha Boswell of their second son, Tèo Ernest Boswell (7 lbs 5oz 22”long), on Friday evening, January 13th.

We are thankful for the over 80 individuals who attended the training for Church leadership teams on new government requirements.  We are deeply appreciative of the service provided by Luke Johnson.

We are praying for the continued recovery and strengthening of Tiffany Marten as she battles post-traumatic stress.  We continue to pray for her rest and healing.

We are praying for the rapid recovery of Wayne Campbell (Pastor of Potter’s House) in Kelowna.  He was hospitalized this morning for what is thought to be severe dehydration because of the flu.  We are asking the Father for wisdom as tests are continuing.  Pray also for Brittany as she faces these trying times.

We are praying for the father of Ashley Austin (Canvas Church) who is in ICU facing a very difficult battle.  Please join us in praying for the grace of God, wisdom and the power of his presence for his family and the doctors as they provide care.  Pray for the name of Jesus to be lifted and His will accomplished.

Please pray for the discovery of housing for a short-term volunteer(Ethan Red Eagle Lawton) who willing to come and assist us in building relationship with the First Nations leaders in Greater Vancouver and design a strategy to reach the tribes located in our city..  We need a place for six months immediate as Ethan is ready to come this week.  Contact Ray Woodard if you know of a possible site.

We continue to pray for the church plants seeking new sites.  This week we pray specifically for New Hope and Zona Cero as they confirm agreements with churches willing to open their doors to allow them to meet in their sites.

Pray for the enlistment of the next team of leaders to participate in the Refocus Training being sponsored by our association and its partner Tarrant County Baptist Association as we seek to build and strengthen our family of churches.

Pray for the church leaders who will be coming to our city in one week for a vision tour.  We pray for a clear vision to be presented as well as open hearts and minds for each participant as we seek the will of the Father concerning partnerships being developed.

Please pray for the unity of churches and missionaries and agencies from across Metro Vancouver and beyond as they gather at Missions Fest Vancouver 2017 (January 27 to 29 at the Vancouver Convention Centre).  Pray for the Spirit to inspire, empower, and call out attendees through the main sessions, seminars, and exhibits; inviting attendees to join God’s mission of Justice and the Gospel.

Pray for the team of leaders going to the Southern California Send Conference the first week end of February.  Pray for the encouragement and strengthening of our leaders and for the boldness and opportunity to share the vision of reaching our city through potential planters and partners.

Please pray for the Men’s Conference (No Regrets) being conducted by Westlynn Baptist Church scheduled for February 4th.  Pray for men to be called and empowered to lead their families and churches to a closer relationship with God.

Please pray that our people would let their light shine and share Jesus with others (Matthew 5:14-16) and that our people would be willing to take 1 person to the Festival of Hope scheduled for March 3-5.

Continue pray for the decisions and steps that are required to relocate a pastor for a new Spanish speaking church in New Westminster that is forming as the second congregation of a new network in our city.