“If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14

This is a personal cry of a brother looking over our city… 

“My burden is not for just my church, but for all the churches in Canada that are called by Jesus name. What if we as an entire association in Canada, began to pray and fast for forgiveness, renewal and revival?  What if we prayed for the other churches outside of our association? Would it be possible to set this in motion with set times that we as an association fasted?  Would it be possible for our brothers and sisters in the US to do the same?  I am not asking about a weekend project, but that we commit as a people until the Holy Spirit revives this nation and us.”

…How will we respond?


Join us in praying over the activity of God…

We are praying for the Jeewan Jyoti Satsang and the Punjabi ministry here in Surrey led by Paul Ingold – specifically for a mission team coming April 16- 25th from First Baptist Arnold, Missouri.  They are coming to mobilize local Punjabi ministries to do block parties and to reach out to people at both Vasaikhi parades, here in Surrey and also in Vancouver.  Please pray for protection over them and their time would be fruitful.

We are praying for the new ministry of Pastor Vincent Diaz launching among the Filipino people of Vancouver. As you pray remember the work of the Longinos’s (Gateway Filipino Church) and the Colobong’s (Redeemed Baptist Church) as they continue to reach out to the same people group. Pray for there to be encouragement and unity as these groups of leaders work in the critical harvest.

We are praying for the NAMB Canada gathering of several partners in the city this week to hear what God is doing in the city and how they can be involved. Pray for the seven different planters sharing their story to point to the Kingdom vision for the city and the unity of our growing family of churches in the area.

We are praying for the summer workers that are needed to continue the ministry of New Hope Church to the children and youth in the church as their key leaders for these ministries will be taking a break to give birth to new members of their families. Ask the Father to call out those that could help this summer.

We are praying for the interns being recruited for The Point Church to expand the ministry of their family of churches during this summer. Pray also for the GenSend teams who are preparing now to come to Vancouver Island and Vancouver to develop their skills in Church Planting and to reach into our communities to discover new places for ministry.

We are praying for Matthew Bond(Ekklesia Baptist Church) and the team of coaches being built to walk beside church planters during the early difficult days of their ministry. Pray the needed leaders would respond to the call of God to train and offer their time to help others to walk the path with faith and courage without thought of credit or recognition for the sake of the Kingdom expansion in our area.

We are praying for the WBA gathering of our churches for their semi-annual meeting later this month.  We are asking the Father for clarity in the message and the building of a stronger community fellowship.

We are praying for the retreat for at least 20 of our leadership couples planned for later this month at Barnabas Retreat Center. We are praying for their refreshment an encouragement as well as the building a deeper fellowship for the group. We are praying for God to use Cam Roxburgh as he breaks to the Word during this retreat. Pray we will see a movement of the Spirit during these days.

Please pray with Gratitude…

We are grateful for the gathering of over 20 international and local Advocates this past Thursday at Zendeh (Living) Church not only to hear of the ministry of Amin and Dan but also to gather to pray and plan for the future of the 17 regions in our city. Please pray for the remaining 3 International Advocates needed to complete the team.

We are grateful for the four planters planning to complete that assessment process during our local May assessment as well as confirmation of four more planters beginning the process with plans to plant during this year. Pray for the preparation of this critical week of assessment with these couples. Pray also as we continue to work with these four new planters.

We are grateful for the partnership of the churches of the Parker Baptist Association as they pray, participate and provide for the multiplying vision of Church on the Rock in the North Fraser Valley.

We are grateful for the blessing of God on the work being initiated in four different locations in the Lower Mainland among the Spanish Speaking people of our region.

Set your clock and join our gathering team of prayer warriors to pray for Vancouver and Vancouver Island

every day at 10:02 am and pm.