Join us in fasting over the period of one day this week.  As you fast please pray fervently for the pastors and planters across Vancouver as they seek to honor the Lord in their daily lifestyle:

And Jesus said to them, “While the bridegroom is with them, the attendants of the bridegroom cannot fast, can they? So long as they have the bridegroom with them, they cannot fast. But the days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fast in that day.”                                                            Mark 2:19-20 NASB

 Join us in praying with thanksgiving for these things happening…

We are praying for The Point this Sunday morning as they celebrate baptism.  Pray also for the farewell celebration for Joshua and Lucy Smith as they return to Mississippi after over a year of service to the church.  Pray for the work started to move forward and for the family to have a safe and efficient move back into a place on continued service and work.

We are praying for Pastor Phillip Tran of Linh An as they travel to Victoria for a Christmas outreach among the families of their new gathering on the Island.  Pray for the salvation of friends and family members during this celebration on Sunday evening.

We are praying for the young people of the Canvas Church on the Island as they present a Christmas drama during the morning service today.  Pray for the family and friends who will hear the gospel clearly presented during this service.

We are thankful for the safe return of the mission teams traveling globally from the Surrey Chinese Baptist Church.  We pray for the continued effects of the gospel among the people they could see.

We are praying for the over 70 leaders and spouses of our churches and plants who will be gathering this week in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island to enjoy an evening of fellowship and encouragement as they share a meal to launch our Christmas celebrations.

We are praying for the Bridge Church Family as they prepare for changes in the months ahead.  We are praying the Father will be honored in each decision and each step that is taken that His Kingdom might expand in their community.

We are praying for the students who are completing the semester and the ministry leaders working on campuses across our region as they walk with students as they face these difficult days.

We are praying for the Alpha Retreat being planned by Transformation City during the days ahead.  Pray this will be an open door to explore a personal relationship Christ and build a continuing community of faith in the Olympic Village.

We continue to pray for Zona Cero and Joyful Fellowship as both churches are seeking new places to hold their worship services and ministry outreaches.  Pray for discernment and favour in locating an open space in the area near where they are currently meeting.

Pray for leaders of several of our churches who are praying and working to multiply sites in 2017.  Pray for wisdom, courage and endurance to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives.

Every week a group of men in our city are fasting and praying for the movement of God in our city.  Join them in pray for these key opportunities in our city:

Westlynn Men No Regrets Conference – February 4, 2017 – Westlynn Baptist Church BC  More detailed information to follow for Pastors and Pointmen (Definition of a Pointman:  Man who leads a church men’s ministry)

Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham     March 3 to 5 – Rogers Arena Vancouver BC