Pray these words of scripture over the churches and leaders of our city as they engage the community in which they live:

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.”

   Ephesians 2:10 NASB

 Join us in praying with thanksgiving for these things happening…

As multiple activates are being planned over Christmas by our congregations to engage their community with the gospel, pray for the empowerment of the leaders to share the message clearly and in a compelling way that many will enter the new year enjoying an intimate personal relationship with Jesus.

We are thankful for the over 30 churches involved in our annual meeting as we worshiped, conducted business and heard stories of God’s activity among our family.  Pray for the new leaders that were elected to guide our work and pray for the faithful and generous giving of our churches to provide for the plans of the Association.

We are celebrating with the Vancouver Korean Baptist Church who voted last week to sell their property and relocate.  The receipts will pay for the new site in total.

We are celebrating with Aaron and Samantha Boswell who received a four-year permit from the government to work at launching our new plant, Providence Church, in the western portion of Kitsilano.  Pray for the birth of their second child planned for January 12th.  Pray for their efforts to engage the community.

We are praying for Cindy Buntain as she continues to recover from a serious bout with pneumonia.

We are praying for Conrad Au as he recovers from a serious fall as he was preparing for an outreach event for The Common Place.  We are thankful for those who step up to help carry out the event.

We continue to pray for Zona Cero and Joyful Fellowship as both churches are seeking new places to hold their worship services and ministry outreaches.  Pray for discernment and favour in locating an open space in the area near where they are currently meeting.

Pray for the leaders of our congregations and their families as they enter a season of unique opportunity to share the message of the Gospel.  In the midst of the opportunity will also be heavy schedules, challenging finances, and missed relationships, so please pray that the Father would surround each leader with the support of godly people and the constant empowering presence of the Spirit of God.

We are praying with Thanksgiving for the support of Morrison Heights Baptist Church, Blue River Kansas City Association and Dr. Crawford in providing the financial resources for our annual Christmas Parties for pastors, planters and their wives.  We will be gathering on December 6 & 8.  We are thankful for the support of other partners in making these special evenings possible.  We are also thankful Dr. Crawford will be able to join us.

We are praying for the commitments of partners as the year ends. Many of our new plants are finalizing financial and ministry plans for the new year.  We are currently working with six new sites which we hope will be registered as new congregations within the next couple of months.

Pray for leaders of several of our churches who are praying and working to multiply sites in 2017.  Pray for wisdom, courage and endurance to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives.

Join the Prayer Network for Vancouver and Vancouver Island

We are continuing to build our prayer team.  See how you can be involved directly in one of following three ways. Watch for updates daily on @plantvancouver

  1. Several years ago we began weekly publishing the items we are celebrating as well as the needs of our churches and leaders. We seek to make this available every Sunday morning through our website, Facebook and Twitter so it can be shared for the coming week with prayer warriors across the country.  It can be seen at .
  1. We began last year encouraging individuals and churches to be involved in an effort to stop and pray for Vancouver/Vancouver Island twice daily at 10:02 am/pm. This time was taken from Luke 10:2 to simply ‘Pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”.  God has been answering this simple prayer offered by those who will discipline themselves to stop and pray.
  1. A growing group of men and leaders are fasting and praying now starting Monday/Tuesday/ Wednesday evening after dinner at 6:00PM.  Some of our team will fast for one, two and even three days, concluding at 6:00PM.  We are seeking the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ to change our hearts.

We will be praying as follows:

  • Christian men to have a renewed relationship with Jesus and a passion in sharing their testimonies concerning their experiences and walk with the Lord.
  • Spiritual awakening of our neighbourhoods and community.
  • Spiritual awakening of our churches, locally and nationally, that are called by His holy name (both in and outside our association)
  • Our Canadian leaders in government at all levels, to govern according to Godly principles.
  • Our country, that it would return to the Lord and be healed.
  • Gods protection for our churches and church families.
  • Our church leaders (pastors, elders, deacons, lay leaders)
  • Spiritual and numerical growth of our churches and small groups
  • Pray for the Harvest

Join these men praying for the following two key events:

Please pray also for:

Westlynn Men No Regrets Conference – February 4, 2017 – Westlynn Baptist Church BC  More detailed information to follow for Pastors and Pointmen  (Definition of a Pointman:  Man who leads a church men’s ministry)


Festival of Hope with Franklin Graham

March 3 to 5 – Rogers Arena Vancouver BC