Pray these words of scripture over the churches and leaders of our city as they go to worship this morning:

“For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline.”

   2 Timothy 1:7 NASB

 Join us in praying with thanksgiving for these things happening this week…

We are thankful for sacrificial life of service of John Seimens.  We pray for his time of loss at the passing of his wife last week. We are thankful for Hamish Buntain and the region’s pastors who came for the memorial service. We pray the support will continue and a sustain the work in Grand Forks, BC

We are thankful for the compassionate leadership of Peter and Michaela Yoon who have encouraged and supported Korean leaders throughout our region.  We pray for the two newest groups launched in the past few weeks:  Lifeway Generation Korean led by Pastor Il Ju Ra and uVillage Korean led by Peter himself.  Pray for the favour of God to reach the lost and bring them to himself through the ministry and teaching of these new gatherings.

We are thankful for the celebration of the 27th anniversary of the Richmond Chinese Baptist Church and pray for their next years to be focused on expanding the Kingdom of God and sowing of gospel in Richmond and around the world.

We are thankful for the 74 neighbors and friends who gathered at the home of Brad & Rhonda Forlow for Thanksgiving Monday evening and we continue to pray for the continued transformation of the Steveston neighborhood as they plant the River Community.

We are thankful for the faithful servant leadership of Victor and Candace Thomas with The Point Church as they have ministered on Burnaby Mountain and across our city.  We are thankful for trust they have built with the community which has led to a new meeting location as well as the opportunity to moderate a recent community wide meeting about Faith, Business, and our Environment. We are praying God will continue to give wisdom, courage and insight as His servants in our city.

We are thankful for the support of a mission team from Mississippi and the Send Network through the leadership of Tim and Amy Corbin, who provided an evening this week for 67 members of our church planter’s families to find a place to laugh, play and be encouraged just by getting together.  We are reminded to pray for all of the leaders of our association who are facing difficult situations and stress that nobody hears about.

We are thankful for the obedience of Aaron and Samantha Boswell who are seeking to answer the call to come from Montreal to Vancouver to plant a new outpost for the sowing of the gospel in Vancouver.  Pray for God’s favour as they move across the country this week and continue building their support team to undergird them as they plant their lives in a new place.

We are thankful for the baptism this Sunday at Canvas of 10 individuals who are from Mexico, Ukraine, Columbia, Nigeria, China, and Portugal and reminded of the opportunity for us to prayerfully sow the seed of the gospel to the world that is in our neighborhood.

We are thankful for the partnership between Urban Village Church and the Araujo family that has led to a new Portuguese Bible study and a new Spanish Bible study they will launch this week and will be the foundation for planting Burnaby Born Again.

We are thankful for each leader and their family which the Father has placed in our family of Churches.  We pray for the encouragement of the Spirit when they experience loss and disappointment.  We pray for wisdom and discernment to navigate the challenges they will face this week.  We pray for the encouragement of the saints in surprising ways to remind them of the love of the Father for them.

Join the Prayer Network for Vancouver and Vancouver Island

We are continuing to build our prayer team.  See how you can be involved directly in one of following three ways. Watch for updates daily on @plantvancouver

  1. Several years ago we began weekly publishing the items we are celebrating as well as the needs of our churches and leaders. We seek to make this available every Sunday morning through our website, Facebook and Twitter so it can be shared for the coming week with prayer warriors across the country.  It can be seen at .
  1. We began last year encouraging individuals and churches to be involved in an effort to stop and pray for Vancouver/Vancouver Island twice daily at 10:02 am/pm. This time was taken from Luke 10:2 to simply ‘Pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”.  God has been answering this simple prayer offered by those who will discipline themselves to stop and pray.
  1. A growing group of men and leaders are fasting and praying now starting Monday/Tuesday/ Wednesday evening after dinner at 6:00PM.  Some of our team will fast for one, two and even three days, concluding at 6:00PM.  We are seeking the leadership of our Lord Jesus Christ to change our hearts.

They will be praying as follows:

  • Christian men to have a renewed relationship with Jesus and a passion in sharing their testimonies concerning their experiences and walk with the Lord.
  • Spiritual awakening of our neighbourhoods and community.
  • Spiritual awakening of our churches, locally and nationally, that are called by His holy name (both in and outside our association)
  • Our Canadian leaders in government at all levels, to govern according to Godly principles.
  • Our country, that it would return to the Lord and be healed.
  • Gods protection for our churches and church families.
  • Our church leaders (pastors, elders, deacons, lay leaders)
  • Spiritual and numerical growth of our churches and small groups
  • Pray for the Harvest

These men are also praying for these additional events:

Promise Keepers Legacy Equipping Conference for Men – October 22 – Abbotsford or 1.888.901.9700

Festival of Hope – Franklin Graham – March 3 to 5 – Rogers Arena Vancouver BC