And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

To our God and Father be glory forever and ever. Amen.        Philippians 4:19-20


We are thankful for the report last week coming from Pitt Meadows: Thank you Church on the Rock for representing the Museum so well in the Pitt Meadows Day parade with your beautiful float — best overall and community spirit. Way to go.

We are thankful for the engagement of the gospel by The Crossings, Transformation City and FBC Gardendale, Alabama as they conducted a year-end Field Day at a local neighborhood school in Vancouver.

We are thankful for the team from Hawaii joining Towers Baptist Church in reaching out to the city of Richmond as a new work is being developed in the downtown core. Praying for a potential site found this week.

We are thankful for the engagement of the gospel by the River Community through a block party held this weekend in the Steveston area.

We are praying for the The Bridge Community that will be launching at a new site in Lougheed area of Burnaby this Sunday morning. Pray for the growth as this congregation seeks to reach into the community.

We are praying for the Picnic in the Park gathering this Sunday night for Transformation City in the Olympic Village. Pray there would be new contacts and new opportunities to share the gospel during this event.

We are praying for the salvation of many as the gospel is sown during the revival meeting taking place this weekend at the Surrey Chinese Baptist Church.

We are praying for Ekklesia Church as they move to the community for a summer of outreach with worship is a variety of public venues and several weeks of camps during the summer beginning July 4th. Pray for the gospel to be central in everything done that they may come into the fall rejoicing celebrating the movement of God in each event.

We are praying for a place to house the family of Shahid Kamal for two weeks as they arrive from Toronto later this week. They are seeking to look at a couple of options for long term housing that may not be available until July 15. Pray for the care for this family as they come to launch a new work among the Urdu/Punjabi speaking people.

We are praying for the GenSend Team on Vancouver Island as they have a special open door to work among the First Nations people in the next couple of weeks. Pray for wisdom and favour to acquire the necessary clearances to work with an upcoming retreat.

We are praying for a week of outreach efforts by multiple congregations during the Canada Day celebrations across the region. As we pray for the gospel to be sown in each event, we are also praying for the nation and our leaders as they face global change.

Pray for the Prayer Network for Vancouver and Vancouver Island

As you joint us in praying if there is a need or a praise you would like to share with our network please simple send a brief email to In busiest times of engaging our city with the gospel, there are three ways you can personally be involved and you can involve your church or networks.

  1. Several years ago we began weekly publishing the items we are celebrating as well as the needs of our churches and leaders. We seek to make this available every Sunday morning through our website, Facebook and twitter so it can be shared for the coming week with prayer warriors across the country. It can be seen at .
  1. We began several months ago encouraging individuals and churches to be involved in an effort to stop and pray for Vancouver/Vancouver Island twice daily at 10:02 am/pm. This time was taken from Luke 10:2 to simply ‘Pray earnestly to the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest”. God has been answering this simple prayer offered by those who will discipline themselves to stop and pray.
  1.  A group of our men are fasting and praying starting Tuesday evening after dinner at 6:00PM.  Some of our team will fast until Wednesday at 6:00PM and the rest of us will continue our fast until Thursday at 6:00PM.  We will be praying as follows:
  • Spiritual awakening of our churches, locally and nationally, that are called by His holy name (both in and outside our association)
  • Christian men to have a renewed relationship with Jesusand a passion in sharing their testimonies concerning their experiences and walk with the Lord.
  • Our Canadian leaders in government at all levels, to govern according to Godly principles.
  • Our country that it would return to the Lord and be healed.
  • Gods protection for our churches and church families.
  • Our church leaders (pastors, elders, deacons, lay leaders)
  • Spiritual and numerical growth of our churches and small groups
  • Pray for the Harvest

Last Sunday, I was reading Psalms in preparation for going to church, and came across Psalm 40: 1-3.  As I read this passage, the Lord spoke to       me in His word. I asked the Lord, “Are you saying we are going to see a spiritual awakening or even a possible revival?”  I did not hear back               from my question, but feel convicted that our Lord has heard our supplications and He has taken notice. Press in brothers, press in!

What would happen if all men called by Christ name committed to this time? What if we all humbled ourselves before our Lord? Would you               join us in praying the Psalms and petitioning the Lord from His mighty word? Will you join with us until we hear from the Lord?