We are praying thankfully for the students from Dallas Baptist University and LSU who are working during the opening weeks of the new semester with Origin Church. We are asking the Father to grant them multiple spiritual conversations and clarity for what God desires in each of their lives.

Please lift Canvas Church up in prayer this weekend. They are dropping 5,000 door hangers and prayer walking our community in preparation for the Canvas Family Fest on Monday. We are grateful for the team from Broadmoor, FBC Fairhope, and Canvas all serving together this week. ‪Cooperation leads to greater impact. Pray as the church is now reaching 200 weekly and seeking an opportunity to purchase 8 acres for a more long term location.

Please pray for Ekklesia Church as Heather and Matthew have located a new place to live that has the potential to provide additional housing and ministry space. Pray for the additional $1200 needed monthly to provide the additional space that is available to begin launching the Hub we have prayed for on the island. Pray as they paint and put new flooring in the place before moving in.

We are praising our Heavenly Father for the work done through Linh-An Vietnamese Church. They have launched another congregation on Vancouver Island. They are meeting in space graciously provided by Victoria Korean Baptist Church. They have seen 7 people receive Christ and three additional were able to see transformation and release from addictive habits and poor health in their last two outreach efforts. Pray for additional financial resources to help the team travel to the Island

Word has come from Gateway Baptist Church about God’s activity in their midst. The first Sunday in June they are planning the baptism of three individuals and they are preparing for another baptism service immediately following the VBS scheduled for July 15-22. They have received word that a partner will bring a team to work side by side with them in conducting the VBS.

We are praying for wisdom and clarity as Urban Village Church joins hands with Burnaby Born Again to finalize their strategy and budget preparation for the future during the next days. Pray also for the financial resources to allow the new leader, Rafael Araujo, to focus fulltime on the launch of this new congregation.

Join us in celebrating the reuniting of the family of a new church planter. His wife and family have received their documents to join him in Canada from Pakistan after a long separation. They are preparing to move to Vancouver in June and launch a new outreach to their people. They shared the ministry in Pakistan directing the work of Campus Crusade in that country for several years before he was forced from the country by threat. Pray for the financial resources for the move and to provide housing for this faithful couple that desire to plant this new work in Vancouver.

We are thankful for the planters who gathered for Synergy this week. The sharing about the work of God was both encouraging and challenging. Pray for the evangelistic witness of each of our churches and church plants. Pray the Holy Spirit would empower each leader to provide a witness to their community.

We are praying for the family of Zendeh Church who provided a testimony this week:

On April we had a two nights conference for the church and we had three baptisms. M. started coming to church six months ago. She was looking for answers and she got her answers very quickly. After three weeks she accepted Christ. She didn’t want her family to find out about her faith. She was afraid that her adult children would throw her out of the house, and her father that lives in Iran would send someone to kill her. She was going to almost marry with a muslim man, but when she became a christian she told him that she can’t marry him. We started having discipleship classes with her. She learned to walk with the Lord and trust him. She told her family about her belief. First couple of weeks were hard but finally they accepted her decision. She got baptized at Zendeh in front of her four Children. Now we are trying to reach his sons and daughters. We have built a very strong connection with her family. One of his sons comes and plays soccer with us every week. her daughter in law comes to us to get help and counselling for her marital problems. Just tonight over the phone she said I wish our marriage was like yours, and my wife said to her that it is possible for you to have a good marriage too because of Christ. We are witnessing to this family in every possible way that we can but we pray and ask you to pray with us that God use these seeds and save this Family very soon. P. the family members were refugees at overseas and they believed in Jesus from three years ago. Last year They came to Canada, and they looked for a church. They don’t know much English and they didn’t have a good experience with other Farsi speaking churches. We learned about them from a church in US. We got connected to them and right away we started discipleship classes for them. They have so much hunger for the word of God. During these three years they haven’t really been discipled. After months of learning they got baptized too. As we are very grateful to God for these new baptisms and give all the glory to him we ask you to pray for healing on marriages. Almost every month we are dealing with a broken marriage within our contacts. Pray that God give us wisdom as we are helping this family and give us strength.

Reflect on these words…

Then Jesus rebuked the demon,[c] and it[d] came out of him, and from that moment[e] the boy was healed. 19 Then the disciples approached Jesus privately and said, “Why couldn’t we drive it out?” 20 “Because of your little faith,” He[f] told them. “For I assure you: If you have faith the size of[g] a mustard seed, you will tell this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you. [21 However, this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting.]”

Mathew 17: 18-22  HCSB

A group of men from our association are fasting and praying starting Tuesday evening after dinner at 6:00PM.  Some of our team will fast until Wednesday at 6:00PM and the rest of us will continue our fast until Thursday at 6:00PM.  We will be praying as follows:

  • Spiritual awakening of our churches, locally and nationally, that are called by His holy name (both in and outside our association)
  • Christian mento have a renewed relationship with Jesus and a passion in sharing their testimonies concerning their experiences and walk with the Lord.
  • Our Canadian leaders in government at all levels, to govern according to Godly principles.
  • Our country that it would return to the Lord and be healed.
  • Gods protection for our churches and church families.
  • Our church leaders (pastors, elders, deacons, lay leaders)
  • Spiritual and numerical growth of our churches and small groups
  • Pray for the Harvest

This is a fact – we need a change – we need men, to be the change!

What would happen if all our churches committed to this time? What if we all humbled ourselves before our Lord? Would you join us in praying the Psalms and petitioning the Lord from His mighty word! Will you join with us until we hear from the Lord?