We continue to be thankful for those who are joining us at 10:02am and pm to pray for vancouver. We are also thankful for the men that are fasting each week for our city, our country and our churches to be refocused on the work of the Kingdom. Pray we would each make the adjustment needed to join the Father where he is at work in our city. 

“Whoever has my commandments an obeys them, he is the one who loves me. He who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love him and show myself to him.” John 14:21 NIV

We are thankful for a new partner who is working to gather a team to come help with the VBS to be held at Gateway Baptist Church in July of this year.

We are thankful for the fellowship and sharing experienced by those participating in the planter’s wives connection dinner tonight. We are thankful for the leadership of Amy Corbin in putting these nights together.

We are thankful for the summer intern, Blade Foster, who will be coming to work with Towers Baptist Church this summer. We are praying for his preparation and the preparation of the people he will meet. We have been unable to find housing and are asking for the Father to provide a place for him from mid-May through mid-August.

We are praying for the next Synergy gathering of pastors and planters on Tuesday as they sharpen and encourage one another for the task of reaching their communities for Christ. Pray for the guidance of the event by Tim Corbin as he leads. Pray for a confirming movement of the Spirit among the men as they gather.

We are thankful for the leader couple that has been called out to begin a new work in the Kitsilano area. Pray this week, as we will be praywalking the community to see where God is at work during these critical days.

We are thankful for the new work that has began on Vancouver Island sponsored by Linh-An Vietnamese Church led by Pastor Phillip Tran. We are thankful for the seven people who have been brought to faith in Jesus Christ through this group. We are praying for God to provide at least $400 per month to cover the coast of monthly trips to the island to meet with this new congregation.

We are thankful for the service and leadership of Josh Smith at The Point. We are thankful for the opportunity for The Point to participate in the community festival today and ask for the contacts made to produce fruit for the Kingdom. Pray for Josh as he guides worship on Sunday. We also join in praying for Victor Thomas as he visits key partners in several states sharing the story and inviting them to join in providing for the planter team of The Point family of churches. Pray specifically for favour in finding partners for Next Gen Church and Sam Woo Kim.

We are thankful for the calling out of workers to launch a new work among the people of Pakistan that are currently living in Metro Vancouver. We are praying this week for $36,000 that is still needed to provide for the pastor for one year as his family of six moves to Vancouver over the next few weeks. Decisions are being made as we write about the future of this family.

We are praying for the leadership board of WestCoast Baptist Association who will be meeting this coming Saturday morning. We ask for a spirit of unity and oneness of heart as they make decisions that will help us grow as a family of churches.

We are preparing for another planter assessment that could involve five (5) new potential planters. Pray for the preparation by Jessica Holmes for this two-day event scheduled for June 9-10. Pray for diligence and spiritual preparation of the coaches who will participate as well as the planters. Pray for clarity and discernment by everyone present as we seek the Father for wisdom in taking the next step.

Pray for the two-year church planting team members that are coming to join Canvas Church on Vancouver Island. We will be working on the immigration and support this week for all three workers. Pray for the wisdom and focus to prepare all the documents for the government and the partner churches for this to enhance the work of the church and expand the Kingdom of God.

We are praying for the family camp being planned in August for Towers Baptist Church and Richmond Chinese Baptist Church. We are seeking the Lord to provide two additional workers from our partners to help enrich the children’s section of the Camp.