Spiritual Life & Leadership Mentor



Spiritual Life & Leadership Mentor

For 18 years prior to his retirement from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Dr. Dan Crawford brought students to Vancouver for an Evangelism Practicum where he not only taught them about sharing the gospel in various cultural contexts but also inspired them to be a part of what God was doing in this city. Consequently many of those students returned to Vancouver and became church planters, pastors, and leaders in our work. Even now Dr. Crawford continues to champion our work and for this service we are deeply grateful.
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Disciple All Nations Ministries

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Mentor: Dan Crawford
Disciple All Nations Ministries

As the WBA's Spiritual Life & Leadership Mentor, Dr. Crawford engages our leaders in ways that strengthen, encourage, and resource them for their God–given assignments in the WBA.

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Available to all WBA church leaders. E-mail Dan at DCrawford@swbts.edu for more info.
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