Block Party Equipment

The WestCoast Baptist Association has Block Party Equipment for large and small evangelistic gatherings and purposes for all our affiliated churches, church plants, and ministries. We hope you will find this ministry resource to be a fun and effective way to get out into your community as you share the amazing love of Christ!

The WBA Block Party Equipment is provided by the generosity of the North American Mission Board, The Canadian National Baptist Convention, and the California Southern Baptist Convention for the purpose of community outreach and church celebrations.

Reserving the Equipment

  1. Review the Block Party Calendar for availability. (Calendar may not reflect most recent bookings)
  2. Complete the Block Party Equipment Request Form below.
  3. Before submitting the form, please read the Reservation Guideline and Returning the Block Party Equipment sections carefully before submitting the form.
  4. Wait for confirmation by email or phone to notify you that the requested dates and equipment have been approved.
Block Party Equipment Request Form
Start Date
End Date
Please describe the purpose in which the equipment will enable your church, church plant, or ministry to best love your community. Please note that the equipment is designed to be used in a non-profit manner. The WestCoast Baptist Association reserve the right to decline the request should the purpose of the usage is outside of such criteria.
Please insert a date closest to the date the Equipment will be used. We will try our best to accommodate.
Please insert the earliest date after the Equipment will be used. We will try our best to accommodate.
Reservation Guidelines

- A Request to Reserve form must be received at least 14 days prior to the planned usage date.
- The Block Party Equipment may be reserved for up to 6 months in advance of the date of use.
- A refundable damage deposit of $50 is required for all reservations, due at time of pick-up. Any damage in excess of the $50 will be charged to the borrowing church, church plant, or ministry.
- If you are borrowing individual pieces of equipment, a donation towards the insurance, maintenance, repair and replacement of equipment is requested. In the case of the block party trailer, a fee of $100 is charged at time of pick-up.
- When more than one church requests the Block Party Equipment for the same date (i.e. Canada Day) there will be an effort to give fair and equal access to the equipment.
- Transportation needs to be arranged to pick up and return the equipment.  This may include truck rental, reservations, and fees. 
- If you are using public park facilities, reservations need to be made well in advance.  Some cities require reservations be made at least 3 months in advance, especially during the summer. Contact your city’s parks and recreation department to find out about requirements, reservations, and fees.
- If you are serving any food of any kind, you are required to have someone who has a BC Food Safe ( certificate present to ensure BC food safety regulations are followed.
- You should have one or more people with First Aid and CPR training ( present at your event at all times in case of an emergency or injury.
- If you need to put any stakes into the ground and are unsure of where the underground utilities are located you must contact BC One Call. The website is and the phone number is 1-800-474-6886.
- If you are using property outside the church, you may be required to submit proof of liability insurance. You will need to do this prior to picking up the equipment.
- The person signing out the equipment will be responsible to ensure the care, safety, and usage of the equipment while in their possession. A Block Party Equipment notebook is available at the WBA office and it will include manufacturer instructions of the larger equipment.  Please read these and be familiar with the equipment prior to the event.

Returning the Block Party Equipment:

- We ask you to return the items no later than 48 hours after your event in good condition ready to be used by another church.
- All items should be in the containers provided. Make sure Inflatable bouncers are dry and clean.
- Report any broken or unusable items when you return them.
- When using generators, please run off all fuel before returning it; we do not want fumes to accumulate.

Please note that once a reservation is made, we will be praying for you, your church, and your community. We are here to help you to make your the usage a fruitful and spiritual experience for you and your community. Please do not hesitate to call us at 604.904.8908 if you have questions.